One year later …

Hi lovely dreamers,

Can’t believe how time literally flies. I remember one year ago when I was packing, with all this excitement, all my fears and my joy. Here I am now, can you believe it ?

I have not keep my blog updated because… I did not wanted to do so. Let me tell you why: the Emirates experience is AWESOME, trust me. But if I tell you everything, there’s no point. You need to live it, feel it, experience it by yourself.

What can I say about this year? 

Honestly, it has been one of the best things I ever done in my life. I cried, laughed, discovered, travelled over 30 countries … It was amazing. But I want to be honest with you, around 6 months, I started feeling really, REALLY homesick. It was really bad cause I started feeling a bit depressed. Missing home, missing my friends, missing Paris. Then I had my graduation, which means that I was able to ask for my preferred flights, and which makes life easier. Now I go home minimum twice a month ( cause it’s really easy to get paris as a flight), and try to enjoy my family and friends as much as I can.

What have I done during this year?

Flying, a loooot. I do love flying cause it keeps me busy (thank God), but you know what, you will realise that after a while, on some layover the only thing that you will need is to sleep (bad isn’t it?). Sometimes you will get back to back flights and feel so tired that even in New York, you will end up spending your time eating and sleeping; first of all because of the jet lag, and second of all because your body simply need it. Don’t be surprised.

Otherwise, most of the time I go out, cause that’s mainly the reason why I chose this job. I try to keep myself awake during the day, and go out sometimes with the crew, but most of the time by myself as I have a professional camera and like to take my time for my personal pictures. As I am sociable enough (I guess haha), I always end up meeting someone in the street who will invite me for a coffee, or whatever. Don’t be shy with this job, if you don’t want to be alone.

I also travelled during my days off and leave, first to Amman to visit Petra (which is 2 hours flying from Dubai), and to Tahiti and Bora Bora. This one was a challenge ohhhh my goooood. It was a 27hrs trip, and I don’t know how but when I reached Tahiti, one of my luggage was still in Dubai. What a great start of holidays ?! but after one day, I managed to receive it at Papeete airport.`

What about how I feel ?

Let me tell you something, I felt really sick for 1 month. First because my back was killing me as I have to bend down a lot with this job and I wasn’t doing it in a appropriate way. Then at some point I felt so weak because of the lack of sleeping hours, and the absolutely NON HEALTHY food that I was eating. The thing is in Dubai you can get everything delivered in few minutes. So I started being lazy and ordering food EVERY SINGLE DAY. I completely stopped going to the gym. Guess what? My body was really weak.

The only way to solve this problem is to start with a good diet, sleep properly and go to the gym. In Emirates, we do have some really interesting workshops about it.

To resume my experience, this year has been amazing. I met some good (and bad unfortunately) people, and discovered another side of myself, this adventurous person, who can go against her fear, and be strong enough to face the world…

My advice to you, who is reading but to scared to try the experience:

There’s nothing to be scared about. Once you try, you discover yourself under different angles, you discover that you can be so strong when you face some situations. That’s a real challenge and there’s nothing to regret after that.

Flying in the sky has been my best journey. I love my job, really. Not everything is perfect, but I keep enjoying myself.


4 thoughts on “One year later …

  1. Chemoné says:

    Hello Charmene! Thank you for your blog; it really helped me prepare for the assessment process earlier this year.
    I’m glad that you have posted this as it has inspired me once again to be excited for the journey that lies ahead. My DOJ is 2 December and I’m feeling overwhelmed… I have so many questions and worries but I’m sure everything will be great.
    Please keep on posting because your blog is really helpful!
    😀 xx


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