End of training & Co

Hi lovely dreamers,

Finally the training is OOOOVEEEEER ! You can’t imagine how happy I feel. I started flying 3 weeks ago and honestly this is amazing. I keep falling in love with this job. I have been absent for a while cause it started being really hard for me. Let me tell you everything:12552844_10208311666019636_491121308444672026_n

After SEP, GMT, SECURITY and NUJOUM, I had two weeks of service training. To be honest, I wanted to quit, really. I know, it’s bad to think this way when you have such an opportunity, but I felt so depressed. I was so tired of the training, and I was feeling so alone. Ok you have your batch mates, your trainers … But they are not you family, not even your friends… that’s what I was thinking.

Last day of service training, both of my trainers came to me and asked me to stay in the classroom while my batch mates were leaving. I felt so surprised and I knew that something wrong was going on. Without even talking, I knew that it was a bad new so I started automatically crying. You know after 8 weeks of intense training, you start being so sensitive. “Johana, we are sorry to tell you that you need to repeat the last week of service training. After the last discussion that we had with you yesterday, and the discussion with your manager, we think that this is the best solution for you “. OMG … I cried ladies and gentlemen, I cried as ever before. Haha it’s better for me to laugh now that feeling depressed.

I felt so bad, my heart was broken. It was just one week but trust me, after 8 WEEKS, you feel like it was an entire year!!! I left the classroom for 5 minutes as I was crying like a baby, and came back. My trainer came to me and gave me a hug, and both of my trainers starting explaining to me the reasons and everything. I knew that my last week of training wasn’t that good, but it was so unexpected! I was upset, and sad had the same time. After 10 mins, I said bye to both of them and left the room. The thing is that I wasn’t upset against them but against ME. You know why? Cause I wanted to give to best during this training and I starting thinking about giving up and leaving Emirates.

While leaving the training college and going to the bus, I met one of my lovely friend here, Michael. Honestly I love this guy for his personality, for who he is, for being so helpful. Even if he talks too much (haha Michael I hope you will never read this). He was the one to help and reassure me. On my way back home, he texted me so many times to ask me how I was feeling. I went to bed, in a really bad mood, with my horrible red eyes, and some tissue just in case I would cry again. Before sleeping, I starting praying and asked to myself a question “why am I here?“. I started answering to myself and felt asleep.

Guess what? The next day I had the answer to my question. I knew what was the reason and started remember when I was in Paris, watching at all the video about how to become an Emirates cabin crew. I felt so selfish thinking about going back home. I felt so motivated, I sent a message to both of my amazing and lovely trainers saying how sorry I was about my unprofessional reaction. I met them the same day and gave them a hug. They were the best trainers eveeer, they truly touched my heart and I will remember them for making me improve myself that much: Ben and Anissa ❤

So I started the last week of training again with all my motivation and determination, my notes were excellent, everyone was so surprised… 

This article is just to show you how it is to leave everything. Ok you live in Dubai, you don’t pay anything, and everything is amazing… But you feel homesick, that’s the thing. Some people left because they couldn’t deal with that situation. It’s tough tho but not impossible.

Btw remember what I wrote before about the thing that your batch mates are not your friend … they are even more, they are you second family. Seriously, you will build some relation that you would probably ever had belt before in your home country. My batch was everything, they are here for you because you are going through the same situation. I was so happy to share my apartment with them for Christmas, spend New year with them… 


Don’t be afraid haha, this was my personal experience. The training is intense, so you will just need to work a little bit, but it’s still amazing! It’s just that I wasn’t prepared to face this. Today i’m so proud of myself and what I went through, so happy that I met people that I truly love with all my heart, so happy that I met amazing trainers and I learned so many things… Enjoy the training and never give up. That’s your dream job, that will probably be the best experience ever. 


5 thoughts on “End of training & Co

  1. kaileysky says:

    Thanks for sharing this story girl. I’m now worry too much about the training next month. Even some of my friends said it’s not that hard and I can cope with it, but I can’t stop worrying about it. Your story help me imaginary about that hard time.


  2. Virginia says:

    Hi, I really admire you. It’s my dream that one day I’ll join emirates too. I applied for the position and awaiting to hear from them. The only concern I have is concerning weight, am not that slim -does it matter?
    Kenyan girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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