Dubai, here I am !

Hi everyone,

I’ve been quiet for a long time but since I arrived here, everything had been so crazy guys! Finally i can share a photo of me in uniform with you. I’ve been waiting so loooong for that moment ūüėÄ

First of all, I had to prepare my suitcases but it was really hard to know what kind of stuff I needed before leaving etc. Know that you have almost NOTHING to bring because you got everything here, remember that it’s Dubai, it means that they are so many huge mall¬†as “Dubai Mall”, “Mall of Emirates” … ¬†Just think about:¬†

  • stockings
  • beauty products¬†
  • hair nets
  • hair donut
  • notebook and pen
  • baskets

Someone asked me if a laptop or tablet was necessary: I would say NO. You will have some e-learning to do but there are so many computers at headquarters and the training college. And btw, the first weeks you will probably don’t have the WI-FI as you need your VISA and passport to get it, but know that Emirates will keep your passport for 3 weeks or more so will have to be patient.¬†

About the amount of money, it really depends: if you like party and drinks, you should bring a lot. I bought around 500 euros ( 2 000 dirhams ) and it’s more than enough for the first two months as they will give you money when you will arrive.¬†


20151113_232413.jpgI moved on november 13th. The take off was on 14:25 from Paris. I was so stressed but so excited as well. I was with my boyfriend and family and we all started crying. I don’t know if it was the sadness or excitement… My best advice for you will be to really enjoy your family as much as possible. It seems logical but trust me, once you will be here you will cry more than once!¬†

Once I landed in Dubai, a member of Marhaba staff came to pick me up. You will see that everything is well prepared, they know that your are coming and you will get a quick briefing about what will happen for you so I don’t want to talk to much about that. Don’t forget to bring ALL of your document with you, and not in the suitcase which is in the cargo or you will get into trouble! When you will arrive to your accommodation, you will find a really¬†useful¬†starter pack.




In this article, I will talk about the training, and about my feeling. This artifcle is really personal, everyone is different and can react differently.

You will start your training by an induction week at the Emirates Headquarter; this induction week is really useful as they will talk about the rules in emirates, how to open a bank account, get wifi, live with a flatmates, medicals… lot of informations!

The week after you will be at the training college and will start the SEP (Safety Emergency Training), and this is the time when your training really starts. You will learn about ditching, emergency landing, slides, emergency in general… so many informations omg. Then you will get GMT (Group Medical Training). You will get informations about fainting, medical chock, heart attack… so many informations too! And then comes the ‘nujoum day’, image and uniform etc. I’m still waiting for the nojoum so I can’t talk about it.¬†


For my personal experience, I found the training hard because:

  • english is not my first language
  • aeronautic vocabulary
  • many home works
  • home sick
  • and deal with the feedbacks

I’ve cried so many times, I’ve reached my breaking point over and over, honestly it was hard for me! I was in the morning group so I had to wake up at 3:30 AM, for a training at 5:30; imagine how tired I was! The other thing is feedbacks: Emirates is a company who loves giving feedbacks. Personally it’s a good idea because you know where are you mistakes. But sometimes you think that you are making small mistakes but your trainers have to write it in your fill, e.g, don’t wearing an hairnet, or not wearing the red lipstick, being late for 1 min… You will think that it’s unfair but it’s NOT! How do you think that Emirates can¬†be one of the best company if there are no rules? Yes its rude but to keep growing, a company needs standards.

Anyway, this is totally personal !!! I enjoy the training, I even LOVE IT. The trainers will always be there for you, and your batch will be your new family. You will live some beautiful moments, share experiences, learn other languages, go to party every weekend ahah . So just enjoy it, take it easy.

NB: After having spent¬†1 month in Dubai, I think that I’ve understood what Emirates is looking for. As a future cabin crew you need these qualities:


A lot of people told me that during the AD it’s better to not talk and just listen. I would say NO.


When you will start SEP, you will get a lot of group activities. If you don’t talk or say YES to everything that your group said, it’s really bad and the recruiter will notice that. How will you do in the aircraft if there’s ice on the aisle but your team say NO there’s no ice? Will you say ” ok, there’s no ice, I will not report it to the captain?” – Of course no !!!! So please during the Assesment day talk but in a good way, always wait your turn, don’t cut someone of, and smile all the time. Another thing is being a leader.¬†I’ve seen so many times that it was bad but in my opinion it’s NOT TRUE AT ALL !!!


A team always needs to be guided. That’s human being. You will learn it when you will get your induction week. But there are ¬†good leaders and bad leaders. The good one know how to listen people but also how to take decisions. For example, during the AD, it’s not bad to say: ok guys, to be organised, in my opinion we should start with you and then finish with you, what do you think?” Always remember to ASK PEOPLE OPINION, that’s what makes you a good leader.¬†

What I think is that being recruited by Emirates is not easy, but some factors can help you: your behaviour, smile, interactions, the way your are dressed, the way you work with people, the way you deal with a situation…¬†Remember that Emirates want’s to hire¬†20 000 more crew in the next years, so if try and try again until you get hired!


Finally I’ve received my uniform! Imagine how happy I am. I will not talk about it so much as we are not allowed to, but you will easily find some photos on Instagram ūüėÄ


Last 2 things: so many of you are sending me messages on Facebook, Instagram… i’m so sorry but I don’t have the time to answer to all of your messages, i’m so busy and tired btw. But keep on reading my blog, I will try to update it more often. The other thing is about my english level: english is not my first language so you will find so many grammar mistakes on my blog and i’m sorry about that. If you don’t understand anything, comment my article!

See you in the sky dreamers, nothing is impossible to you!

(article under construction)