Travel arrangements done

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 13.55.47Hi everyone, as you know i’ll join next week. I feel sooooooo excited and I just can’t hide it like Aretha Franklin Yaaaye :-D. Two days ago, I received the name of my accommodation, and guess what? I’m sooo happy with it because I got one of the best accommodation location.

Btw, I also received an email from my induction specialist (IS) and you know what? I’ll be trained to operate A380/B777 fleet, yaaaaye! Indeed, after being selected, you have a long weeks to wait to get news from your IS.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 13.59.35Your IS will send you an email with the name of your batch (I’ll be in the 2999 one), your fleet: you can be trained to operate A330/A340/B777 or A380/B777.

The difference between MAINFLEET and A380:

Mainfleet: cabin crew are trained to operate on A330/A340/B777 fleet. Both Airbus are the smallest one of the company, which means that they make most of turnarounds because of their destinations. Making turnaround is really tiring for cabin crew but a lot of them love it as they are able to sleep in their bed at night. I know some cabin crew who are really happy to be mainfleet because crews look more like a big family and sometimes they make some really beautiful layovers. 

A380: cabin crew can also be trained on A380/B777 fleet. Most of the crew prefer it as they want to make more layovers but the job is really tiring too! Don’t forget that you will have to make so long trips ( DXB – BNE is a 14 hours flight ! ). I wanted to be A380 because it’s the one which goes to Paris and I hope that I’ll get a lot of layovers here to see my fiance and family!