Hi everyone, I have received a lot of messages that inspired me to make a new article.

  • What should be my motivations before applying?
  • A positive attitude and empathy for others 
  • Strong cultural awareness and the ability to adapt to new environments and people
  • Flexibility and the motivation to manage a demanding work schedule 
  • Qualities necessary to live up to the mission and values that Emirates holds in high regard – Professional, Empathetic, Progressive, Visionary, Cosmopolitan
  • Can I go to an open day even if I haven’t received an invitation?

Yes – it’s an open day. You only have to receive an invitation if on the emirates website it’s written ‘invitation only’

  • Do I have to registered on the Emirates website before the open day?

No – It’s preferable to do it before the OD as it takes time but you can do it before the final interview

  • Can I go to an open day in another country?

Yes. You will be able to put your annual leave destination at the final interview 

  • In what size should I print my photos?

Passport 4,5X5 – Full lenght 10X15

  •  What about the english level?

You have to be fluent.

  • What about other languages

It’s always a plus to be fluent in other languages. But you will not be hired because you can speak 7 languages but because of your personality.

  • What about the dress code?

Business attire during the all process

  • What to bring for the open day? 

1 updated CV, a photo (passport or full length) and a black pen

  • What to bring for the assessment day

A black pen and a portfolio 

  • What to bring for final interview?
  • 1 full length photo in business attire
  • 8 passport in business attire
  • 1 casual passport photo
  • 1 casual full length photo
  • 1 color passport copy
  • 1 certificate degree copy
  • a black pen
  • What about the body language?

Recruiters know a lot about human body language. Keep attention on how you sit, where you put your hands, don’t speak to loud or to low, smile all the time…

  • What do I have to do if I feel stress?

Take a deep breathe, think about something funny and remember that this is not a big deal, you can do it. Make sure to sleep well the day before your OD/AD/FI, to eat healthy and to drink a lot of water. 

  • Can I wear jewellery? 

Definitely yes – women can wear white small pearls earrings, only one on each ear. Women and men can wear an engagement ring and watch.

  • Can I wear spectacles during the Emirates recruitment process?

Of course you can. You will see a lot of crew with spectacles. But you are not allowed to wear your spectacles on your photos.

  • Can I apply before the 6 months waiting period after failing at the final interview?

No – if you try to do so, you will be unsuccessful and will have to wait 6 months again. Remember that your file is registered in Dubai. 

  • What about black people?

Emirates is a multicultural company. There are over 130 nationalities. it’s not about your skin colour but about your personality. 

  • Are the tattoos allowed?

No –  don’t try to go to an OD or you will be directly sent home. You can’t have tattoos on visible zone of your body while you are wearing the uniform.

  • Are the braces allowed.

Not – You should removed it before applying

  • Is there a limit age to apply? 

I’m not really sure about that but I know that there are some people who applied after 30 and they are recruited. During my OD, one girl had 32 and she is now a cabin crew.

  • Can I be married before applying? Can I get married during my contract?

Of course you can! A lot of crew member are married and they have children as well

Emirates new condition

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.08.08Hi people, it’s been a while since I haven’t post anything on my blog. You probably know that i’m preparing myself to leave my beautiful country for another life. The last weeks have been really empty has I had to see my doctors, to buy a lot of stuff, and to meet all of my friends before the “big move”, indeed, I’ll move in about two weeks :D. I haven’t start to pack anything yet but I will in few days. My mother is so sad, she is always asking me ” is that for real? My little baby is leaving me “. This hurts me so much omg! But this is life, the little baby is growing for a better future and she will be able to see me every time she will want to! 

omino che misura l'altezzaAnyway, I have some news for you. I’m really sorry about it, but Emirates just added a new condition that I didn’t had to deal with during my recruitment process. When I passed my recruitment process, there was no condition about height, the only one was about “arm reach of 212 while standing on tiptoes”. But now, you also have to be a “minimum height of 160 cm”. Know that they are really strict with that new rule, it means that during the recruitment process, you will have to reach two lines: one for to make sure that your height is a minium of 160 cm and the other one to make sure that you are able to reach 212 cm. In my opinion, I think this is to limit the number of persons who applied … 


Anyway, I had to share it with you and i’m feeling really sad for those who had the idea to apply and are really disappointed. But don’t lose hope and don’t forget that you can try with another company such as Etihad or Qatar Airways, I don’t know anything about their requirement but you have nothing to lose to make some research.