This is probably the best day of my life. I just received my Final Approval. This means that I’m medically fit for the job of a cabin crew. I’m now a cabin crew after this very long process. I can announce it to all my friends and family. But first of all, let me explain you the process. 

After your Golden Call, you will have to wait between 1 day and 1 week to receive your password to access to the ‘Emirates portal’ by mail. After opening the mail, you will be allowed to open the portal which contains a lot of informations that you will have to familiarise with. 

 screenshot_2015-09-21-15-42-31-2-2As you can see, on the right side, there are a lot of notes which are really helpful. On the left side, this is where you will have to upload all of your documents.

  1. you will have to downland your contract, to read it and keep it for you as you will bring it to Dubai on your joining date. 
  2. you will have to upload some security documents: passport copy, passport photo and CV
  3. you will have to upload some medical documents, which are the most important part of the process. Mandatory documents are
  • Certificate of dental health which as to be signed by your dentist,
  • Part A which as to be signed by you
  • Part B which as to be signed by your doctor. Remember that you will have 5 days to upload the Part A and B.

4. You will also have to upload your vaccines, but they give you more time. Remember that the mandatory vaccine is the ‘Yellow fever’ one. You can make the others in Dubai and it will be deducted from your salary. I preferred to make all in my own town as it was less expensive for me.


About medical, I’ll advice you to make some blood tests in your own town to not waste your time. As an example, you can make the VIH and Syphilis ones. But these are not mandatory. But remember that if you have one of these sickness, you have will have to refund Emirates and go home on your own

5. If you are medically fit for this job, you will receive the Final approval which allowed you to resign from your current job, and to get the access to the workbook. 

 Screenshot_2015-09-21-15-27-59 Screenshot_2015-09-21-15-28-12


You will have to upload the ‘prepare for take off’ document. This is a  49 pages book that you will have to read and fill before your date of joining. There are a lot of sections in it, you will have to answer to some questions, to learn some airport codes … This book is very useful.

After all this process, you will receive the name of your induction specialist with a little presentation. You will also receive your accommodation and your visa one week before your joining date. At this step, you can consider that a new life is beginning …


The previous night, I put my phone charging as I already knew what was the meaning of ‘Joining Formalities In Progress’. I woke up early today to see if I missed a call or something. I started my day like every day, then at the lunch time, I just received a call from a coordinator. 

screenshot_2015-09-13-13-27-15-2She said Hi Charmene, how are you? I am calling you because you successfully passed the process to be an Emirates Cabin Crew. Congratulations! Could you join us on November 13th ?’  Of course yes, I was. I said ‘It will be a pleasure to join on November 13th‘. My fiance was next to me, we were so excited, I was crying like a baby ahah; seriously, this was the best sensation I ever had in my life. 

Then she made some verification about my current work, my email address, my marital situation and told me that in few days, I’ll receive a password to access to the portal. I’ll have to upload my passport and to make some medical exams. 

She was talking too fast and I was so excited to hear everything. At the end she congratulated me again and I said goodbye.

Honestly, I was so surprised. Even if I have  self-confidence, sometimes you are not really sure!  My heart was beating as ever, I was ‘in the sky. I’m a bit sad for my mates who didn’t succeed, this is just a matter of time. Next time, they will succeed for sure. This process is very stressful: waiting 8 weeks for an uncertain future is something really hard to deal with. I put all my life on break, even my university studies. But as I always say, if you really want something, you will get it


I’ve seen a lot of really beautiful women with perfect CV’s and photos, but were unsuccessful. OverconfidenceLadies, remember that Emirates don’t like people with overconfidence, too much talkative….
Just be simple, answer clearly to questions, be natural. Don’t try to play with your recruiter, to lie or something because you recruiter will see it. After many years of recruitment process, they know so much about human behaviour, they can know you just by your body language! 


Another thing is about social networks. 21th century means new technologies, then be careful about what you post on Facebook, Instagram… Emirates wants to give a perfect image of the company, that’s why, even if I’m not really sure about that, I think that you should not post photos of you with a tattoo if you said that you don’t have any tattoo at the interview, or photo of you naked, in underwear, smoking, drinking… 

Joining formalities in progress

Screenshot_2015-09-10-08-14-02This morning, I just checked my status as everyday, and guess what? My JFIP status is here!!! I have such an incredible feeling, after this long process. 8 weeks waiting and here I am. I’m really happy because I waited so long ! What does it mean? It means that soon, you will receive your golden call and your date of joining. You will have to prepare your medical exams. At this step of the process, you are selected, unless your are not medically fit for this job.