Still waiting …

After your recruitment process in your country, 7 managers will check all of your documents in Dubai, so please, be prepared for a long wait time. My lovely recruiter told me that I’ll probably had to wait between 4/6 weeks…

You will have the possibility to check your status online, by going on the Emirates website. This is going to be the WORST TIME that you would probably never have again in your life. Seriously, I never felt so stressed about a waiting result time.  I was checking my status like 20 times a day… Then I asked to my fiance to change my password as I will not be allowed to check it anymore! My fiance is so supportive; indeed, he was more motivated than me!

Guys, don’t check you status all the time because you will start to compare with your mates, and you will feel sad when you will see that someone got his status updated, and not you. I was seeing my mates with IC status and not mine after 3 weeks, u can’t imagine how sad I was. Btw, know that your status from FI, until you get your JFIP status doesn’t mean anything; sometimes, some people get AUR for long weeks as I had, and get their GC, sometimes they get their GC before getting JFIP, sometimes they get IC, but they are unsucessful, sometimes they get IC twice, sometimes they only get completed, sometimes they get submission completed… Theses status mean only that Emirates has received all of your documents and now they are checking them. You have to understand that your status in only for people who are working on you papers in Dubai.

I heard that sometimes, they will ask you to send more photos, it means that your first photos were not conform to the guideline. Make sure to take good photos or you will have to wait more time. In this situation, I would say that it’s an half cup. Sometimes it’s a good sign for some people because they show interest in you, sometimes you are unsucessful after sending them.  Just keep positive!

Don’t worry too much about that and be focused on something else, go out with your friends, find a job where you are not allowed to go on the Internet, make sport… Be patient!

Final interview

I had my FI one month after my AD. It was a long wait but I used this time to prepare myself mentally and physically by reading some blogs, watching some videos … I’ll advice you to prepare yourself but not too much. Just think about some examples but don’t prepare all of you answers, it will seem not natural at all !

links that I used to prepare myself

DOCUMENTS to bring

  • 1 full length photo in business attire (10×15)


  • 8 passport photos in business attire (4×6)

On theses photos, make sure that you are straight and you face the camera, your hands are on you hips, your feet are close together, your hair are not covering your face or your ears, you have a big smile, and the background is all white. This is important!

  • 1  casual full length photo (10×15)


  • 1 casual passport photo (10×15)


For your casual photos, you can take them in original areas, as an example in a garden, a zoo, a park … Even if they are casual, they still have to be professional, I mean, dont drink alcohol, don’t smoke or something… Wear a t-shirt which fits you, as they want to see if you have any visible tatoo, a jean, and shoes, heels or not it doesn’t matter; as you can see, I was wearing sandals. 

Remember that using Photoshop is forbidden!

  • 2 colored photocopies of my passport

Europe France passport visa voyage vacances tourisme touriste objet passeport , aimed travel holidays tourism tourist object passport

If you don’t have your passport yet it’s fine, your recruiter will ask you to give a copy of your ID and to make your passport ASAP. Don’t worry about it. If your passport will expired in the same year, make sure to make a new one, same thing if you don’t have enough pages to get your passport stamp when you will fly, you will probably be asked to make a new one.

  • 1 photocopie of my certificate degree


You can also get an equivalent. If you are selected, you will have to bring the original to Dubai.

  • 1 updated CV


This is just an example of the kind CV that you can use. I didn’t put any personal details into mine, only name address and phone number. Your CV must be short (1, or 2 pages), easy to read, I mean no graphics, short information (don’t talk about your marital status, military service…), and only black color. Imagine that your recruiter will probably have to read 200/300 CV really fast!

If you can’t give all of your documents to the recruiter the day of your FI, it’s fine. You will be able to send them to his email within 1 week. About the passport, if you don’t have it yet, it’s fine. They will let you the time to make it, then send it to them, and postpone your DOJ. Make sure that your passport will be available in the same year because they will ask you to make a new one.


Stress - business woman running late with clock under her arm. Business concept photo with young businesswoman in a hurry running against time. Caucasian / Chinese Asian isolated on white background in full length.

My interview took place on July 15th at 11:00. I’ll advice you to get out of your home very early. I was out at 9:50 and the Hotel was at 30 min from my home but there were some problems on the traffic !!! So I arrived at 10:57 and I was so stressed.

I knocked to the door and my recruiter told me to enter in the room. She was so nice with me. She proposed me a cup of water and to take out my jacket because the weather was so hot in Paris.

We took 20 min to talk about the life in Paris, we were laughing about some crazy stuff that happened in Paris. After that, she asked me to sign some documents about my language skills (in fact, I speak french, English and spanish), a declaration about tattoos, and asked my few questions about my CV (Are you still working? and where?), and checked that I had all my documents, and that I filled all of my personal information.

Sometimes, your recruiter can be ‘cold’ with you, I mean no emotion, no smile… Keep in your mind that it’s to test you, be confident and smile all the time even if it’s really hard!

Then she began to ask me some questions about my customers experiences. I can’t remember all the questions because it was more like a discussion.


  • tell me about a moment when you had to deal with pressure. What was the result?
  • tell me about a moment when you gave a good advice to one of you colleague. How did you felt?
  • tell me about a moment when you had to deal with a rude Customer. How did you handle the situation ?
  • tell me about a big change in your life
  • tell me about a moment when you were disappointed by a colleague 
  • tell me about a moment when you had to work in a multicultural area

These are a type of questions that my recruiter asked me. Then she asked me if I had some questions to ask her….

You can find some type of question on the following document. I used it to prepare some of my answer, it was very useful as it can give you a brief idea of questions that you will have. You can downland it easily on internet.


To answer, I used the:



After she answered to my both questions, she told me that my interview was nice and she crossed her fingers for me. Then she shook my hand and wished me good luck. I told her that I was really grateful and said goodbye.


  • Make prefect photos: make sure to respect the guideline
  • Make a perfect resume: two pages maximum, you can use Arial, or New times roman writing to look professional 
  • Be confident, and keep a genuine smile 
  • Give some concrete answer, short and clear.
  • Don’t talk about your personal life but about your customer experiences
  • Always use useful examples
  • Keep attention to your behaviour: when you give a document, give it in the recruiter hand… you should be polite
  • Don’t sit if your recruiter doesn’t asked you to so, don’t shake his hand as well
  • Don’t ask questions about the salary as it’s inappropriate


Some positions may send negative signals to the recruiter as may suggest that you are a spectator, arrogant, passive, lazy… But what you want to show is that you be professional and you really want this job. Then you have to be careful of how you sit, and your gesture. 

Assessment day

The second day was the AD. I came early and took my time to drink a coffee and to meet some people. I wore some professional clothes as the OD.

The video above is an example of assessment which took place in Korea


We were about 100, divided in two groups of 50 people (one on the morning, the other one on the afternoon). The recruiter has divided us in groups of 3. The recruiter gave us a card with the name of a job. We needed three essential elements for this job and then quote our ideas in front of everyone. The recruiter was looking at all of us, and taking notes.

  • Don’t look at your recruiter, just talk with your mates.
  • Make sure to let people talk
  • smile all the time
  • talk in a polite manner
  • You can agree or disagree with people but you have to use a strong argument
  • Don’t talk for nothing. 

Then the recruiter gave us a second card with an object. We had to relate the object and the job in a creative way (my group had a farmer and lipstick). I was the one who presented the idea of our group. To present the idea, I stood up, said “Hello everyone” presented our object and job with a big smile, then said how we related the job and the object.

ATTENTION: don’t never ever talk in your own name, I mean don’t say “I think” but “as a group, we think that …”. Remember that this is a group activity!

One group didn’t understand that we had to relate the object and the job and only talk about the object. Our recruiter said ” but it wasn’t what I asked !”. They were eliminated.

1st elimination

The recruiter took about 15 min before going out and stick a paper on the door with the numbers of people who had succeeded. I was a bit sad because one of our group didn’t succeed and I still don’t understand why… Hope that she will make it next time!


We were not more than 30. We all had to make the reach test; it means that every one should reach 212 cm one by one (you can do this on your tiptoes and with only one hand). This is mandatory for security reasons. In the same way, she asked me if I had visible tattoos and if i was speaking other languages. 

2nd elimination

A girl didn’t succeed because she missed only 1 or 2 cm. My advices if you miss some centimetres to reach 212 cm is to try to train everyday to get more flexibility. Sometimes it really works!


She asked us to form a circle and gave us a paper with several questions, such as:

  • The access card to the theme park of Mr X has expired, but he still wishes to enter. What can you do?

I can’t remember all the questions because it gone too fast! To answer it was necessary to discuss as a group. It was very difficult because some spoke a lot, others not at all. For my part, I had few ideas to share because it was impossible to talk with all of us talking in the same time. I was just asking to everyone:

  • Is everyone agrees with this idea?
  • I agree with the idea of Julie, but maybe Linda as something else to share
  • If everyone agrees, we can move to the next question because we don’t have enough time
  • I think that Elene’s idea is true, but in my mind, we should add the fact that …

The aim of that was to participate, and to consider people ideas. Your recruiter will act like she isn’t looking at  you but in fact she is! So don’t try to look at her or you will not succeed.

Then the recruiter returned to us, and randomly asked questions about things that the group said. I remember one man was talking without even looking at the recruiter, like he was talking to his shoes. Obviously, he didn’t succeed I think that he was a bit shy but don’t do that, try to think that’s it’s your turn to show how sociable you are! The recruiter asked twice the same question to a girl but she did not understand and wasn’t able to answer. She didn’t succeed.

3rd elimination

The recruiter asked us to go out for 15 minutes, and came back with the numbers of people who had succeeded. We were not more than 10.


We had an English test for 1 hour. It was not hard but there was not much time to answer all questions. If you have some difficulties in English, try to prepare yourself by reading some english books, making some exercices … 

4th elimination

One person was eliminated because she had not managed to do everything.

 At the end we were 10, about 20 while we were counting the morning group.

Then the recruiter gathered us and explained some stuff like the next process, and the guideline that we would have to follow for the final interview. After that she chose first people who travelled for the OD/AD. There were not enough places for the next days, so we would have to wait one month until the FI!


For this day, you have to understand that your recruiter doesn’t care about your ideas, but he wants to see how you can interact with people, and in the same way, listen to them. You recruiter will walk around, have a look on you and take some notes so you always have to look at them, smile, but also share your opinion in a very polite manner. If you disagree, just say it because every one thinks differently, but use an appropriate vocabulary, take your time to breathe and think and then talk. Do never cut someone off, and don’t look at your recruiter at all. Indeed, don’t be a leader but don’t be too shy as well. Just talk with people like you are already friends, be natural, be yourself, and you will succeed!


At the end, the recruiter said congratulation to all of us, and gave us the guideline above for the last step. We had to filled this document, and to take our photos just like that.

This was the most stressing day of my life and I was so tired! We began at 1:00 pm and end at 6:00 pm. I’ll advice you to sleep very well and bring something to eat and drink!